Infiltration Control

Our combination digital television inspection/sewer joint sealing service provides a guaranteed solution to the problem of excessive infiltration, without costly excavation, disruption of traffic, or by-pass pumping of sewage.

When a leak is located by the television camera, our technician stationed in a mobile laboratory at the job site can isolate and seal the leak, usually in less than a minute. Pipe condition, type of leak, type of soil, chemicals present in the sewage and groundwater pressure are all factors that are considered before selecting a chemical/catalyst combination that is most suitable for each individual job.

Check the Numbers

Suppose you have a 300-foot section of 8-inch pipe with 3-foot joints, and 20% of the joints are leaking 1-gallon per minute.

  • Infiltration into your system equals 10,512,000 gallons per year.
  • Using a conservative cost estimate of $2.00 per thousand gallons to treat the water, you are spending $57.60 per day. That’s over $21,000 annually on this 300-foot section.
  • The industry average cost for grouting is $8-$12 per foot. By grouting this same section at a cost of $10 per foot, your grouting expense will total $3,000.
  • In just 53 days you will have recouped your initial investment of $3,000 and at the end of the first year you will have saved over $18,000 in unnecessary treatment costs.
  • Over a ten-year period, your $3,000 investment will generate $207,240 in savings.