Sewer Replacement Improvement Project

Location:  Nevada Avenue & Bodger Street Area, El Monte, CA
Client: City of El Monte – Engineering & Wastewater Divisions
Carylon Operating Company: National Plant Services, Inc.
Services Performed: Flow Monitoring and Smoke Testing


The City of El Monte will be replacing aging sewer pipeline and manholes on Nevada Avenue and Bodger Street. The 93-year-old pipelines are located in private backyard easements, which are difficult for the City to properly access and maintain. The limited access increases the risk of blockages in the system and sewer spills in the area. Through their project, the City will relocate new sewer pipes in public streets and reduce risk of sewer system blockages.

National Plant Services was contacted by the City of El Monte to assist in the collection of data to determine if the diversion of sewer flow into a county trunk line would not cause any capacity issues. Also, smoke testing was needed to determine if there were any illegal storm drain connections (including patio drains or roof drains that the residential owners may have illegally connected to the sewer) that may increase wet weather flow rates.
Scope of Work:

  • Two flow monitors for a two-week period at the locations identified
  • Smoke testing of approximately 7,500 linear feet of existing sewer main
  • Notification of all the affected properties via a pamphlet 48-hours prior to smoke testing and notifying all emergency services prior to the testing
  • Timing of the smoke testing such that the most accurate results can be obtained to identify any illegal connections to the sewer system or cross-connections from stormdrains
  • Timing of the flow such that the most accurate results can be obtained to estimate the average flow, peak dry flow, and peak wet flow.
  • Final reports summarizing Flow Monitoring and Smoke Testing results

National Plant Services successfully installed the flow monitoring equipment in the designated manholes to collect the needed data and provided a 5-person crew smoke testing the main lines and laterals. The project information was handed over to the City for submission to the County.