Montecito Sanitary District Mudslide Cleanup

Vac truck during Montecito mudslide cleanup
Location: Montecito, CA
Client: Montecito Sanitary District
Carylon Operating Company: National Plant Services
Services Performed: Sewer Cleaning, Digital TV inspection, Manhole Rehabilitation, Lateral Service Line Inspection and Sealing

After the California mudslides in January 2018, National Plant Services was contacted by the Montecito Sanitary District to assess damage in sewer lines, clean manholes that were charged to the top with mud, internally cap laterals from houses that were washed away or red-tagged, repair broken lines, and assist their crew as needed.

Two full crews and a superintendent were deployed with a combination of a Jet/Vacuum, CCTV Truck, Water Truck, and utility truck. National Plant continued to deploy full crews every 12 hours to ensure continual work would be done.

Manholes were filled with mud, which meant lines were also filled with mud. National Plant removed most of the debris from lines and manholes, including 7-inch rocks from 8-inch pipes, and could finally begin an inspection. After approximately 60,000 linear feet were inspected over a six-day period, only about a dozen damaged lines were discovered.