National Plant Services’ Large Diameter Cleaning Capabilities

Large Diameter Cleaning Capabilities

National Plant Services, a Carylon company, has state-of-the-art large diameter cleaning capabilities. Some key advantages of National Plant Services capabilities include:

NPS has 120 gpm and 170 gpm jetters (in addition to the 80 gpm and 100 gpm units). In order to clean larger diameter pipe, you need greater volume combined with pressure to move material. Most municipalities and contractors are limited to cleaning 24″ – 36″ diameter pipe. NPS has cleaned 54″ and 60″ diameter pipes with the 120 gpm unit, and has cleaned 72″, 84″ and 96″ pipes with the 170 gpm unit.

Most contractors require reduced-flow or by-passed flows when attempting to clean larger diameter pipe. Although reduced flows or by-passed flows allow for more efficient cleaning, it’s not always possible or practical. With the 170 gpm unit, we can clean pipe with flows, without by-passing.

Additionally, NPS has the ability to verify cleaning and perform post-cleaning inspections using CCTV and Sonar.

Check out the highlights from when NPS recently cleaned two large storm drains for the LA County Department of Public Works.