Carylon 3D Multi-Sensor Inspection System

National Plant Services (NPS) completed this important multi-sensor inspection project for the City of Roseville, CA, in August 2019. Multi-Sensor Inspections collect multiple types of measurable data in one inspection pass. The operator performs a PACP inspection while the 3D laser on-board measures the interior of the pipeline above the flow line. This laser data will tell us if the pipe is experiencing H2S corrosion and/or buildup, and how much of each. The sonar collects data under the water line to tell us where there is debris or if there are any large defects. Michelle Beason, Regional Manager of NPS, initiated, designed, and managed the project to develop the "Carylon 3D" system starting in 2014. NPS crews have completed over 200,000 LF of laser inspections since its completion. Ace Pipe Cleaning just took delivery of their first Carylon 3D unit and hope to put it into service soon.